Introduction to Mediumship (4 week Series) Psychic Medium Debra Hookey

Have you recently begun to see or sense Spirits around you? Have you started remembering that as a child you could see or sense Spirits? Did an event or near death experience change your life in an instant where you feel a deeper connection to the Other Side? Would you like to learn to create boundaries and you control this gift, rather than this gift controlling you?

If so, this introduction class series is for you! is for you! And who better to learn from Psychic Medium Debra Hookey!

These are the things you will learn about in this workshop:

 - The difference between a psychic and medium
 - The difference between a mental medium, a physical medium, a trance     medium, and a trance channel
 - Meditation and the role this plays in Mediumship
 - Responsibility that comes with being of service to Spirit
 - Various ways Spirit can make contact 

Location: The Boti Studios, 607 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, Ca

Cost: $30 per class (Reserve you seat today)No refunds available after purchase.

​​​​​​​​​Psychic Development Class (1st & 3rd Weds)

with Psychic Medium Debra Hookey  

This class is about developing your psychic abilities.  Developing your psychic abilities is a process. It takes time to build confidence and trust in your ability. Working with tools like Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, Remote Viewing, Intuitive is one way to access your inner knowings, but like any other learning, it takes practice to develop strength. This class is about being psychic, learning to refocus on different frequencies, like tuning to a new station on the radio. Yes, it is as simple as shifting your inner focus to another radio beam. Once you find the station, you   listen “deeply”, with your heart, your feelings and your whole body.  Learning how to use your psychic abilities.

Psychic Medium Debra Hookey  will guide you to the three keys to tuning in easily, and listening : Meditate, Working with Tools, Practice & Play.

Let’s practice to develop and strengthen your psychic abilities.

Cost: $25(Reserve you seat today)No refunds available after purchase.

Location: The Healing Center, 7641 Talbert Ave, Suite 100

​                 Huntington Beach, Ca

​                 (Please use outside entrance)

​​​​​​​​​​Mediumship Development (2nd & 4th Weds)

with Psychic Medium Debra Hookey

The focus of Mediumship Wednesdays will be on going forward in your Mediumship, not playing it safe in the messages you bring and really going for details in your evidence.
Debra will help you become the best medium you can be, in regards to the content and construction of your messages, as well as the presentation and all that goes with being the messenger.
You will be guided to a space where you will connect with your own Spirit Self to give you the foundation and belief in your work, and you will be confident in the fact that you are part of a team and that you never work alone when serving Spirit.

Come out of your comfort zone and forget playing it safe, be             courageous and take risks in order to progress.

​Location: The Healing Center, 7641 Talbert Ave, Suite 100,
​                 Huntington Beach, Ca​​ (Please use outside entrance)

Cost: $25 (Reserve you seat today)No refunds available after purchase.


Cost: $110 for series (Reserve you seat today) No refunds available after purchase.