Mentorship Program – A personalized mediumship program developed for you.

If you aspire to develop psychic & mediumship abilities, congratulations!  It is a unique and wonderful journey filled with self discovery and excitement.  

I Can Guide With:

  • spirit communication

  • controlling the “flow” of information

  • becoming a more confident reader

  • spirit guides and symbols

  • “practical” client issues, such as ethics and getting comfortable charging for services

  • empathic gifts

  • developing clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance

  • connecting with the heart of you psychic/mediumship journey or business and figuring out your next step

Reaching your full potential as a medium becomes much easier when you are working with a mentor you can trust - one that can guide you in an encouraging manner.

Are you tired of trying to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities while feeling overwhelmed and confused?
Are you having trouble trusting and lack confidence?
Or maybe looking for more direction in developing your gifts

Whether you are someone who is just starting out in your journey, or someone who wants to build a professional practice on a foundation of love that empowers others, I can help you.

You will gently make discoveries about your gifts and what works best for you.

We will uncover your natural gifts and nurture them from the inside out.

I believe . . . . .

Psychic and mediumship development should be fun.
It’s easy to trust, be confident, and embrace our calling when we work from a place of alignment and love.

Who I Work Best With:

My clients are kind, heart-centered individuals who:

Are beginner to advanced psychics and mediums.
Are feeling called to do the work, but lack confidence, feel overwhelmed, or aren’t sure what to do next.
Would like to “go pro” with their gifts and would like help learning to work with clients and/or bring more “flow” to their readings.
Feel it’s important to connect with their heart and soul, and desire to work and live in an honest, authentic way.

Because I believe in tailoring mentoring to meet YOUR individual needs, our time together will be a mix of practical strategies and looking within – all with the emphasis of moving you forward on your journey.

I will help you stretch outside of your comfort zone.

Emphasis on focusing on being aligned with the work that TRULY matters to you makes it easier to trust and get excited about your gifts.

We offer a mentoring program that will fit your needs!   Please contact us for more info: