Spirit Guides Workshop 

June 24th in Orange County

11am to 5pmLimited Seating


(Open to all levels,beginners, intermediate & advanced.)

To all who would like to connect to Spirit Guides. 

Life changing and empowering Workshop. 

The name of this Workshop is “Are you Ready to Meet & Work with Your Spirit Guides” and by working with your guides, it will most definitely connect your Spiritual Support system immediately. You are not alone, You have a team of guides waiting to assist you in your life.

As a Psychic Medium and a Teacher, One of the favorite questions asks by my students and by my clients are: Who are my guides ? How many do I have ? How do I personally connect to them ? 

Your life journey requires you to gain certain insights for your soul’s growth. Your guides help you stay on that course. By working with your team, you can obtain these necessary perspectives through enjoyable experiences, without pain and struggle. Since they can see the bigger picture, they can also help you find the best path leading to your desires.

I will teach you how to personally meet your spirit guides step-by-step, how to directly experience the unconditional love and practical daily support available to you from your own personal guides. Your team awaits you.

I have designed this to be very easy and practical, so that this will open you to your Divine Team and to give you access to all the support and love available to you from your spirit guides.

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Cost:$200 Regular PriceAfter June 11th